Our leasing strategy and property management that protects and grows your residential investment!

We will ensure you receive the maximum return whilst maintaining the condition of your property. If you plan to rent or lease out your property, you will benefit from our property management expertise.
We have the right skills and services, along with an excellent working knowledge about all real estate matters.

Here are the major things we take care of:

1. Advertise property for rent or lease;
2. Show available property for lease and interview prospective tenants;
3. Screen the best candidates for your rental property by requiring written applications with credit and employment references;
4. Evaluate prospective tenants by investigating their backgrounds, credit
histories, personal references and employment / business histories;
5. Obtain liability, fire, theft and other insurance on rental property as necessary;
6. Arrange for regular maintenance and necessary repairs of the property
7. Assure that tenants comply with rental policies and procedures;
8. Supervise repairs and maintenance work;
9. Conduct inspections of residential property on a three monthly periodic basis;
10. Attend any tribunal hearings to resolve difficult situations;
11. Establish and maintain an organized system of collecting rental payments & security deposits;
12. Ensure all legal documentation is completed;
13. Advise you on the best lease structures;
14. Tailor an asset management program as suits your situation;
15. Arrange written valuations;
16. Maintain professional indemnity insurance to protect your legal interest;
17. Keep you posted on property value changes;
18. Keep you fully informed with regular telephone and written reports;
19. We promise to always put your interests first.

You will be given FREE internet advertising for your residential property on three top websites, (with up to 26 photographs, on realestate.com.au) which is Australia’s biggest source of property enquiry.
Furthermore our service is virtually available 24/7 and our FREE advice on values and property movements will be worth a great deal more to your future property investments.

You will also benefit from our database of clients. There is no cost to access potentially hundreds of qualified leasing prospects for either residential or commercial property.

Commercial property owners can take advantage of premium internet marketing on realcommercial.com.au at nominal cost and cost effective newspaper promotional solutions.

We also guarantee to better any other agent’s written quote for fees by a further 10% - now that’s a real saving.

Your action now will get you answers!

Invest a small amount of time today and have a chat with Steve Jackson. He will be happy to explain to you how easy it is to get your property leased for a top price in the shortest possible time. For further information or detailed pricing please click the link below.

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